Olives Love Sun, and So Do We! 

Olives love the sun!  And we get a lot of sun here in Central California, so our olives are super happy. And big!  (And still several weeks from harvest). 

Do you know what else loves the sun?  Solar panels!  So we are getting some of those too. We want to offset a lot of our energy use, and solar is the way to go!  We can’t wait to see these with the panels and up and running. 


Happy New Year!

It got a bit cold last night! The icicles look scary, but they are from the water we put on. The water tends to keep the temperature up so the fruit doesn’t freeze. Hopefully!

We hope everyone has a great year filled with joy, happiness, and good health.

Jorge, Julia, and Laura Inestroza

Green lemons???

We’ve been busy size picking the largest lemons lately.  Seeded and seedless.  Did you know though, this early in the year, the lemons are still green!  Actaully, they are still green because we haven’t gotten the cold weather we need to turn them yellow.  So we pick them green, and the packing house lets them yellow in a temperature controlled room.  Cool, huh?