Solarization.  Sounds weird, right?  Well, it’s a trial we’re doing to control weeds in our organic transition block.  Since we can’t spray herbicide, we will try anything that might work!

The logic behind this is that the sun will superheat the ground, killing the weeds and their seeds.  We’ll see how it works! IMG_1327.JPG

Ever heard of this? Me neither till we attended the California small farm conf. This is another way for organic growers to kill weeds. we are testing this. Hopefully it works.

Weed mat.

One of the biggest challenges of transitioning to organic is the weeds. They love to grow. And they take water and nutrients away from our trees. So how do we handle weeds organically? Discing the rows with the tractor and the old school hoe and a huge crew of people. But there is also weed mat. We hope that it will eliminate at least some of the weeds! We will keep you posted.



Navel orange tree, outside and inside.

Ever notice that they never show you the inside of a fruit tree?  That is often where the best fruit is.   The pictures below were taken this past December.





Look at all that fruit.  Fruit that’s been sheltered from the wind and rain and sun.  Just let to grow and get super sweet.