Geek Farmer.

New farm toys aren’t always tractors and such. This drone has four cameras that capture different spectrums of light so we can know more about our trees. Even down to nutrient deficiencies and pest issues. Still working out the issues but…EEK! ūü§ďūüĎ©‚ÄćūüĆĺ

Three years in the making….organic certified!

We just picked our first bin of organic late navels!   

We started the transition to organic on part of our acreage three years ago. It seemed like it would be forever till we were certified. Three years of higher costs of cultivation, yet sales as conventional fruit. But here we are. Certified!  

So look for Sunkist organic navels in the stores. They could be ours!  


Happy New Year!

It got a bit cold last night! The icicles look scary, but they are from the water we put on. The water tends to keep the temperature up so the fruit doesn’t freeze. Hopefully!

We hope everyone has a great year filled with joy, happiness, and good health.

Jorge, Julia, and Laura Inestroza

Green lemons???

We’ve been busy size picking the largest lemons lately. ¬†Seeded and seedless. ¬†Did you know though, this early in the year, the lemons are still green! ¬†Actaully, they are still green because we haven’t gotten the cold weather we need to turn them yellow. ¬†So we pick them green, and the packing house lets them yellow in a temperature controlled room. ¬†Cool, huh?



Solarization. ¬†Sounds weird, right? ¬†Well, it’s a trial we’re doing to control weeds in our organic transition block. ¬†Since we can’t spray herbicide, we will try anything that might work!

The logic behind this is that the sun will superheat the ground, killing the weeds and their seeds. ¬†We’ll see how it works!¬†IMG_1327.JPG

Ever heard of this? Me neither till we attended the California small farm conf. This is another way for organic growers to kill weeds. we are testing this. Hopefully it works.